Term & Conditions

Cut-off time


  • Limited time with Marathon 42.2 km: 07 hours
  • Limited time with Half Marathon 21,1 km: 05 hours
  • Limited time with Mini Marathon 10 km: 03 hours
  • All unfinished runners must stop running the race and wait for the organizer’s bus



  1. Failure to run across all timing mats will result in a DID NOT FINISH (DNF)
  2. Arrive at least 30 minutes before your flag off time
  3. Bib must not be altered, modified, folded or crumpled. (Do not remove timing device)
  4. Pin bib at all four corners in the front and do not cover bib



  1. Dispose of rubbish in designated bins.
  2. Keep moving after crossing the finish line.
  3. Move to the left if you decide to slow down.
  4. At the aid station, signal to a volunteer to inform them of your needs.
  5. Try not to run more than two abreast.